Near 100% Definite and Permanent Solution!

Near 100% Definite and Permanent Solution!

Near 100% Definite and Permanent Solution!

Near 100% Definite and Permanent Solution!



I want to introduce you SAGTURK METHOD for permanent and irreversible treatment of RLS - Restless Legs Syndrome is a production of intensive and continuous works for decades and which is unique all in the world. I believe you and your institution should definitely be interested in.

SAGTURK METHOD, provides substantially precise, irreversible, permanent treatment with no injection, no medication and with no side effects for RLS Restless Legs Syndrome. It is a method, observed for long years and the results are proven a posteriori.

SAGTURK METHOD is embraced and adopted by the practitioners who believe that it will bring new dimensions to the medical studies.

It offers hope for the RLS patients, for their relatives and for the organizations providing treatment services for RLS patients.

Although it uses the methods of conventional medicine, it starts from the biophysics point of view, which is not much studied all over the world, and the human electricity as a sub group. It is a combined method. That’s because our approach is “There is no disease, but there is individual patient.” It can be summarized as different prescription for each individual patient.


  • Drugs used to treat Parkinson’s Disease- Dopaminergic Drugs with adjuvants,
  • Minor and Major Tranquilizing drugs and sedative-hypnotic medication,
  • Analgesic medication- Marijuana including opium alkaloids,
  • Mineral and vitamin supplement (especially iron)
  • Antidepressants, etc

Under these headings more than a hundred medicine or pharmaceutical raw material are used. In Nonconventional Medicine and in alternative medicine, more than 40 plants, enzyme and method is used to get the privilege. Vibrators, variable pulse generators applied to extremities and the attempt to place stimulators to spinal cord and the result is there… This collapse results because of the scholastic structure of scientists, which stick to the neurotransmitters, neuromodulators or to the receptors as hypnotized. The distinctive feature of RLS from the diseases and the symptoms, which resembles RLS, is the connections of RLS with the circadian rhythm. There is only a very few article about this subject among thousand of publication. The great intensity of the papers is over Dopamine, Gamma amino-butyric acid and glutamate.

The people proceeding in this conservative construction can’t share the tragic suffering of a RLS patient. Nobody can eliminate the risk of death. There is no scientist who has a power to obliterate the side effects of these drugs.

Also the empirical structure of medicine, the cohesive bond between the lecturer and the student, the master apprentice relationship do not leave a space for another opinion. Purge from prejudice, “it is time to look another side” as Professor Dr. Richard Allen say. The investigation over the precise results in SAGTURK METHOD will help to understand the pathophysiology of RLS.

With your kind permission here I want tell you an anecdote.

“Our patient Hatice Ucpinar from Germany is living with dialysis since childhood and also a severe RLS patient. She is getting dialysis 3 days a weak and each treatment takes 5 hours connecting to the machine. When she came to Turkey she started our RLS treatment sessions. In the fifth stage of our treatment she had to return to Germany where she lives and took dialysis. As it is known to stay still 5 hours, it is almost impossible for a RLS patient. Mrs. Ucpinar while she has got many jerks in the duration of dialysis sessions, now stay in peace without any movement. The three nephrologists who know her for years, in surprise, asked her what drug she uses. She told them that her RLS was absolutely treated in Turkey in the last several months and she is not using any drug. The three nephrologists didn’t believe her and they told her that there is no absolute treatment for RLS in the world. Then the fourth nephrologist came and asked her only what method is used for the RLS treatment she has got.”

There is cartoon from the medieval ages, I saw but I could not find again. Many people should laugh to the humor, since it came from medieval ages till now. “A naked man in morgue, lie down on a marble table with half straighten up while elbow on the table, smiling to two people standing at the bedside. One of the two man standing say:

“Look judge, the man, we suppose he is dead, is smiling!”

The judge answers: “It is impossible! We have the doctors report proving he is dead!”

In SAGTURK METHOD used in RLS therapy, the treatments are non invasive. After a test using the modulated galvanic current generators, with the biphasic square waves, placing electro pets to the special points on some of the body regions and using magnets smaller than 3000 or less gauss value, we apply treatment in different durations. If it is needed Electric Muscle Stimulation EMS and sinus waves can be used. While affecting Central Nervous system from periphery and from the spinal cord, (tDCS) transcutaneous spinal cord direct current stimulation, because we use double interference, the patient is forced or guided to alpha rhythm and relaxation. When we look over the treatment results we consider that we affect the 9P24 and 9P23 placed genes, and the effect on the brain plasticity, which cause the treatment of the disease and which cause the disease not to repeat for many years and more than that hereditary structure should be repaired. I don’t want to explain my foresight about the pathophysiology of the disease, because I don’t have a publication about this subject yet. In summary my practical rational approach is this. The patients in augmentation will come if they are convinced by the method and the treatment they obey the duration of the sessions and tell about the results to the friends or the other patients.

If you and your institution which is established to give an aid to a RLS patients want to be a pioneer to take advantage of his unique and irreversible treatment method, please take a look to our www.restlesslegs.gen.tr web site, read the English pages and if you want you may be in contact with me by okaysagturk@gmail.com my email address.

The prevalence of RLS in England may be about 5-7 %. To be a hope for many suffering people from this disease is a responsibility of humanity.

Okay Sagturk

Recent News

Angry Opposition

“I don’t tell you to think just as I do. I tell you only to think…”

A physiologist named Augustus Desiré Waller (1856-1922) was working in St. Mary’s Medical School as a Lecturer of Physiology. He had set up a laboratory in his home and all his family with the children were participating the experiments, as if all the family was in race.

Now from England let’s go and look to Italy. In 1842 an Italian Physicist Carlo Matteucci (1811-1868) proved that an electrical current born before every heart beat in animal body. Actually the subject of the presence of electricity in animal body was a matter of time. 4000 years ago in Egypt the electric eel, the cat fish and the torpedo fish were used in treatment.

Restless Legs

The description of(NIH) for RLS (National Institudes of Health of USA) is accepted worldwide. In this description there are 4 basic criterions for diagnosis of RLS.

Interesting Anecdotes

I’m Hatice Ucpinar. In this website I thanked to Mr. Okay Sagturk and the RLS method appliers. If you get rid of a trouble that will last forever, you may know how only a simple “thanks” may leave a insufficiency and deficiency feeling in your soul. The RLS patients, who have been treated, feel very close to each other with delight. They pray for other patients who have severe misery to be freed. That’s why they want to adopt, in the full sense, the method and the treatment, which has been treated them.

That’s why I want to tell about a passing event. Although I look younger, I’m 42 years old. I’m a dialysis patient because of kidney failure, since my childhood. In Germany where I live, and in Turkey I take dialysis 3 days a week and 4-5 hours each. This year (2017) when I returned to Germany from Turkey, naturally, I went to hospital for dialysis. All the nephrologists there know me for years. RLS patients know very well that it is impossible to sit still without jerks in the legs during long hours in dialysis. But because I went to dialysis in Germany after my RLS treatment in Turkey, this time there was no problem with my jerks and RLS. The doctors who know very well about my involuntary leg movements gathered around ne and look with amazement. They asked me about the drugs I got. I told them that I don’t use any drug for RLS. I told them that I got a special RLS treatment in Turkey and now I feel perfect. The three doctors shake their heads and said, “İmpossible”. “Why?”, I asked them, “ As you see now, I have no problem with RLS!” All tree doctors, supporting each other told me that there is no cure for RLS in the world. They told me my problem might be something else, but not RLS. My RLS was diagnosed by professors in a university in Germany. For years I read many scientific and semi-scientific documents about RLS. I talked and visited to many doctors. I struggled with this disease and always defeated. What are these doctors say? Later the forth doctor working in the same unit came to me. He asked me about the treatment method. I explained. He didn’t say anything and went.

Later for months during the dialysis I had no jerks, no problem. Then I felt for the RLS patients to tell the truths and to overcome the prejudges which downgrade science is extremely difficult.